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Sigma XT+ 8 Zone, 3 Area, Extinguishant Control Panel

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Sigma XT+ 8 Zone, 3 Area, Extinguishant Control Panel
Sigma XT+8 Zone, 3 Area, Extinguishant Control Panel


Sigma XT+ control panels are multi-area extinguishant control panels complying with EN12094-1, EN54-2 and EN54-4.

This panel has 8 Zones with 3 extinguishant areas.

Each extinguishant area has a comprehensive set of inputs and outputs and is configurable via a simple programming interface.  All extinguishant areas may have up to 7, serially connected Sigma Si status indication and control units or ancillary relay boards connected via a simple 4 core cable.


  • Dual extinguishant outputs for each area (configurable as Main/Reserve)
  • First and second stage sounder outputs for each area
  • First and second stage volt free changeover contacts for each area
  • Release volt free contact per area
  • Fault vold free contact per area
  • Programmable Extinguishant delays
  • Programmable output duration
  • Extract fan control
  • Countdown indicator shows time until release in seconds
  • Mode select and manual release controls per area
  • Monitored remote manual release input
  • Monitored remote Hold input
  • Monitored remote Low Pressure switch input

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Additional Information

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