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EMS XP95 Protocol Radio Loop Module

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EMS XP95 Protocol Radio Loop Module
EMS XP95 RLM, works with 2X-900 and any open protocol XP95 panel
maximum of 2 per loop


EMS XP95 Radio Loop Module

The FCX-532-001 is a XP95 protocol, radio loop module for interfacing up to 31 of wireless 868 MHz EMS fire alarm devices into a XP95 open protocol fire alarm system. It enables these  wireless devices to be controlled directly from the XP95 hardwired loop, and provides a seamless interface between the hardwired components and the wireless  devices.

System design
The FCX-532-001 comprises of a radio transceiver capable of receiving 31 radio devices. An LCD display is provided along with function buttons to allow programming and diagnostics to be carried out for associated devices. The interface is addressed on the loop via its onboard 8 way DIP switch. A total of 2 FCX-532-001 units may be  fitted onto a single fire alarm control panel loop controlling up to 62 wireless loop devices.

Seamless addition of wireless devices

Every wireless device controlled through the FCX-532-001 has its own unique address with which the main fire alarm control panel communicates with it, providing the  same system capabilities as directly wired devices. A full range of wireless detection and alarm devices is available, manual call points, notification devices  (sounders & beacons) as well as input/output units. Wireless devices are featured in many fire detection and alarm systems, specified where the installation of hard   wiring would be difficult or impossible to complete, decorative finishes to the interior of the protected building preclude wiring runs or where the time scales to  complete installation are minimal. The FCX-532-001 allows the system designer full flexibility in selecting which devices on the loop are to be hardwired and which are to   be wireless.


  • XP95 protocol, works on any XP95 open protocol panel
  • 2 RLM units per loop
  • Programmable to suit protected area
    Automatic selection from 32 radio channels for reliable signalling
  • Multipath technology ensures a robust radio solution
  • Diversity transceivers allow maximum operational range
  • Complies with EN300-220 and EN54-25
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Additional Information

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